My first step, my first speech

I am an appalling public speaker. Not only with the public with strangers but also with my friends that known me for years. When eyes are watching me, I get freak out. And by natural force, my voice become softer and softer and softer and cease. I'm so afraid to be heard. The ideas in my mind refuse to come out because I am afraid when people are seriously listening to me. 

To conquer my fear of speaking, I joined the toastmasters club. Yes, I learn to toast bread so I can have my very own Kopitiam.. yummy... No no no no...Toastmasters is where I can learn to improve on my communication and public speaking skills. I went for the club meeting for less than 5 times up till now.  At my fourth attendance, I finally gather my guts to give my very first speech, the ice breaker. It was beginner and easy assignment as I just have to talk about myself. 

My speech title is "Life is like a pack of Skittles". Why Skittles? Because it content colourful and a variety of fruity flavoured candies. When you open up the package and pick your candy, you never know what colour and flavour you're getting. That's my life for you to know. The message at the end of speech was simple, have faith in your dream because you never know when it might turn up. Like a pack of Skittles, enjoy every bites of opportunity in your life. When the door knock, answer it. Dream should not always remain a dream.

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so how's your toasting journey? :)

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